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'Finding Your Sweet Spot'

Are you still struggling to write content for your blog? Can't keep the motivation to write? Lost the passion? Do we really need passion to have a blog that converts?

There are 3 things you need in order to have a hope in heck of keeping motivated as a blogger. Those 3 things make up the 'Sweet Spot.'

The 'Sweet Spot' is key in Building a Bridge of Trust for attracting the right paying audience. Are you ready to find your 'Sweet Spot'?

'Create A Conversion Optimized 'About' Page'

Find out how most bloggers and business owners lose customers with a 'flat' About page. This is one, if not THE most important page of your website!

This is another part of 'Building Your Bridge of Trust'. You work hard to get traffic to the website. So is your page performing as it should or could?

Convert your website visitors into a lead or sale when they read your Conversion Optimized 'About' Page!

'Planning A "Micro-Solution" Blog? You Need This Micro Niche Guide'

This guide will help you to choose and qualify viable niches with profitable 'micro-niches and solutions'. We recommended you establish your 'Sweet Spot' first!

This process works perfectly for people who want to develop their own micro-solution, but also for identifying micro-solutions to promote as an affiliate.

There are profitable micro-niches everywhere! We share valuable insights into how you can build your website to create profitable, highly sought after solutions!

'Create Secure Download Pages Using Amazon S3'

We've been asked how we create our secure download pages for safe and secure access. Well, we have a 'Magical Delivery System' which we are sharing with you.

You will receive every step in an easy to follow documented PDF (which also includes links to all the videos). PLUS! You'll receive our 'Gateway Page Template' files! This training and template will save you hours of time!

Now you can create secure download pages using our system. We love it and you will too!

'Plan A Year's Worth of Content'

This 'Content Breakout Planning Guide' will help you to create a year's worth of content. It can be difficult planning your content and making it all tie in together.

This training, which includes a guide and worksheet makes it easy. All you have to do is look at the examples, follow the steps and then fill in the sections!

Before you know it you'll have your year's worth of content all planned out. Working to a plan saves lots of time and that's a fact!

'How to Find The Perfect Customer' (And Have Fun Doing It!)

If you trying to work out who your customer is or simply don't know where to start... we know what it's like! We both hated doing this because we didn't know where to begin, and the steps required all seemed to hard and technical.

Tune-in to this video training where we step the Stealth Approach for making this tiresome task more fun!

You'll receive our 'Stealth Marketer's Approach' worksheet to use for targeting your perfect customer. There are two demonstrations and you get the notes too

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Kate Rieger & Susie O'Dea - Stepping Up Results

Kate Rieger & Susie O'Dea - Stepping Up Results